Outline selection changes to "multiple selection" after many edit actions, which breaks flow

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

Steps to reproduce (one of many ways to trigger this behavior):

1) Copy an action from any component

2) Select a different component (e.g., a rectangle) that is within a group and already has an event with an action in it.

3) Notice that the first line of the outline says "Rectangle", indicating the selected component. So far, so good! At this point, you can do a lot of cool things, like save, simulate, or nudge the component with the cursor keys. This, I like.

3) Select "Do [gear] > Paste Action"

4) Notice that the selection now says "Multiple Selection (2)" and that the parent of the rectangle is now selected.

At this point, you can't do all those cool things. You can't save, you can't simulate (via the keyboard, anyway), you can't nudge the selected component with the cursor keys. This, I do not like.

I have also seen this occur after pasting a component or duplicating it, which really breaks my stride: In every other "canvas" tool that I've used, when you paste or duplicate an object, the new object — and the new object alone — is selected so that you can nudge it into place, a great convenience that I would very much appreciate in Justinmind!

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Hi Dave,

I've been able to reproduce only part of the problem. What I haven't been able to reproduce is the fact that you can't save or simulate.

As usual I'll forward this to the develpment team. Thank you for reporting!




Tonight, I've experienced this weird selection bug, *including* the inability to save (at least by typing Command-S) numerous times.

Usually, it involves a trip through the interactions editor, but there is definitely a bug in that parent elements and ancestor elements are selected by actions that have *nothing* to do with the parent or ancestor elements — it just seems that some code in Justinmind "climbs up the tree" of components and selects them.


Thanks for the additional information. We will include it in the bug report