OS X Lion full screen mode + more efficient layout

petteri.miinalainen shared this idea 6 years ago

Could you please implement more efficient screen estate usage? Start by implementing OS X Lion full screen support.

Java applications on Lion can now opt into the Fullscreen window feature per-window. Developers can use the com.apple.eawt.FullScreenUtilities class to mark windows as able to be full screened, and the com.apple.eawt.Application.requestToggleFullScreen(Window) method to programmatically request the window enter and exit full screen mode. This API does nothing on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Then compress almost empty bars from UI layout (User Interface | Scenarios | Comments | Search (at far right). That one is taking tens of precious pixels on my screen. There are other similar ones and all borders could be narrower.

See attached image for areas that could be much more compact.

Thanks for listening!!! 52c2d2c63f9ea785db76256832d60609

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Oh and remove the bottom status bar... it has absolutely no value at all!!!


Thanks for the suggestions! Meanwhile you can press F11 to enter in full screen edition mode.