On the iPhone is there way to have a Prototype change from Full-Screen to Safari?

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I'm working on an iPhone App Prototype with the following flow:

user opens email in Mail App

user taps link in email

website opens in Safari

user taps through screens in Safari

user receives an SMS (prototype goes back to Full Screen mode)

user taps link in message

user returns to Safari

Is there an elegant way to move back and forth between full screen mode and Mobile Safari (showing the address bar, etc.) within a prototype?

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If I were you I'd simulate the real screens from the iPhone so you can simulate everything. Just like we did in this example were we added an image of iPhone's springboard: http://www.justinmind.com/usernote/te...


Thanks, but I want to actually have users test the prototype on the iPhone itself.


You can apply the same idea but without the 'iPhone case'