Objects in front of HTML

Steve Linn shared this question 5 years ago

I have an HTML element (Google Map

I wan to insert the location info widget on top of it, but it wont let me

put it on top of the HTML - always falls behind it

I have the location info widget as the top item

any suggestions? f0870df098c72eb3df68203a2b3bd749

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Hi Steve,

I am not sure why it is doing that in the Prototyper. We will look into it.

If you add 'Always on top' on Location Info widget in Properties panel and simulate your prototype, the Location Info widget goes on top of the HTML widget. It works well when simulated.


Sadly, we can’t place any elements on top of this type of controls. They always appear on top of everything in the browser. Maybe some day we can try to hack the default behavior of the browser and make it place elements of top of those widgets.