Not able to create conditional expression for values within dropdown list

Shiva Kumar shared this question 5 years ago

Hi, How do I create a condition on values within a drop down list?

Here is what I'm trying to design in Page 1,

The drop down has four values- New Account, Deposit, Withdrawal and Switch

There are two radio buttons 'Client Name' and 'Nominee Name'

Requirement- The radio button 'Client Name' should be presented for New Account and Deposit only. And, for other two options it should be 'Nominee Name' only.

Question- How do I build an expression for values within a dropdown list?

fyi...I have tried through Add interaction but not able to create conditional expression on dropdown values.



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Please see attached. I had tried with 'equal' and 'has' condition but I don't see the effect of inserted condition.


Hi Shiva,

First you have to create your drop down list with the values. Then, add two radio buttons and two labels, one for Client Name and the other one for Nominee Name. Group the Client Name’s label with one radio button, and do the same for the Nominee Name’s label. If you prefer, you can hide these groups to show only for specifics values.


Now, you have to select the drop down list, go to events and add an ‘on click’ event. If you want that ‘Client Name’ only appears when ‘New account’ or ‘Deposit’ is selected, you have to add the following condition:

The actions will be these ones:

You have to do the same for the other group, changing the values in the conditional and the group in the action.

I hope it helps you.


Thanks. The tool reads the value New Account or Deposit only when I select the event as 'on change' but not on 'on click'. It is resolved, thanks!!