New event "on Status change"

Andreas Neumann shared this idea 7 years ago

If you want to do changes on styles for many elements on your screen you have to implement this by an event for example for a button. But may be you want to do the same changes at page load. Then you have to copy all interactions from the button to the on page load event of the screen. And if there is an other trigger to change the style you have to copy again. To maintain this three copys is very difficult and you have to spend many time in testing if you have made the changes at every place.


Create a new event type "on Status change". This event should provide the possibility to enter a prototype specific list of statuses (e.g. "Edit Mode", "Read Mode", "Approval Mode").

In addition a new action should be created: Set Status.

Now the style change can be implemented directly at the element to be changed by using the new "on Status change" event. So you only have to maintain an element and no longer other events which influences the element.

To trigger an event now you only have to use the new action "Set Status". For example you only have to add one interaction to set the trigger at the button and at the on page load event of the screen and that's all.

If you create an new element you only have to create Interactions in the new "on Status change" event.

Set Status and the reaction on status change now are decoupled and at the place where it depents to.

This will make the creation and maintainance of komplex screens much easier and prevents mistakes and minimizes the test effort. So please implement this suggestion or something like this.

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One more detail to the suggestion:

The new event may function like the "on Key Pressed" event but instead of selecting a key a status or "any status" has to be selected.


That's a good one! We write it down for future updates. We will tell you which update will have it as soon as we know.