New JIM 6.1 crashes numerous times a day

Stacey Rogers shared this problem 4 years ago

I can't believe how often the new 6.1 crashes.

It's happening to me at least 3 times a day and Im losing a lot of work as a result

Is this happening to anyone else?

Im on Mac and can't seem to pin point the problem other than I have seen it happen a couple of times when working in tables in dynamic panels but can't be sure this is the problem .........................

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Wow, could you please send these files to

[folder of the user]/justinmind/6.0.0/.metadata/.log

[folder of the user]/justinmind/6.0.0/configuration/.log

[folder of the user]/justinmind/6.0.0/logs.log

These log files are inside a hidden folder so first you’ll need to enable hidden files on your Mac, you can follow the instructions from this link: