New Data Function to select related attributes

Kade Schemahorn shared this idea 4 years ago

New Data Function:

[Data Master], [Attribute 1] = [value], [Attribute 2]

In specified Data Master, function finds all data in Attribute 1 matching specified value and returns a list of the corresponding data under Attribute 2.

Example Data Master:


Index Type Value

1 Fruit Orange

2 Number 457

3 Fruit Apple

Example Usage:

[Objects], [Index] = [3], [Value]



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Figured out how to do this by combining a Filter function inside of a Select function. It would probably be a good idea to include a tutorial on the site explaining specifically how to do this as it was pretty elusive for me.

SELECT [ FILTER [ DataMaster, Attribute A = "x" ] , Attribute B ]

To me, this is the key to the power of data masters in Justinmind and I never found anywhere that explicitly called out this technique.