Nested data grids - data from child data grid doesn't display

Glenn Lee shared this question 5 years ago

Hello. New to Prototyper and my company is evaluating it for purchase. I'm wondering if it's possible to nest a data grid within another data grid. What I'm trying to do is simulate a search results screen for video content. I have one data master that contains simulated search results that includes a title, subject and a thumbnail. I have another data master that contains a list of time values for chapter bookmarks. I want each of the results to display the time values in a table that pages every 10 rows.

I have no problem with my first data grid that contains my search results. However, when I try to drag my second data grid into Row_cell_2 (the one that repeats the data), it only shows the header of this child data grid and nothing else.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to accomplish this? Did I find a bug? I for one find this tool pretty capable and will be requesting a paid subscription for it, but being able to get past this issue would be gravy.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Gleen,

would you mind sending us your prototype in order to see what you are missing and give you the best feedback possible? Send it to

Best regards.