Need help dynamically adding and deleting entries to and from a single line of text.

Jesse Rhee shared this question 4 years ago

I am trying to build a model that has 3 components.

1. The first is a label widget with a plus sign and minus sign next to it.

2. When you click on the plus sign, it shows a dropdown menu with the options A1, B1, C1. Whatever I select from this dropdown, will display in the label widget from step 1.

3. When you click on the minus sign, it shows a radio list widget with the same selections as in step 2. When you delete an entry from the radio list widget, it should delete that item from the data displayed in step 1 (assuming there has been data added).

So assuming in step 1, only A1 is displayed. Then you add B1 and C1, it will display as A1 B1 C1 in the label widget. Then if I click the minus sign, I see the radio list widget, and delete C1. Now the label widget should only display A1 B1.

Can you please help explain how to build this? I'm not sure which combination of functions I should be using for this.

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Maybe this tutorial might help