Nasty ugly BUG nesting Datagrid into DynamicPanel with Layout different from Free one

mogarick shared this problem 5 years ago

This was detected when appying a color highlight for a selected row.

1. Create a datagrid with any Damaster data (at lest 3 to 5 elements).

2. Select the datagrid Row_2 (the one which replicates for every record)

Select onClick event

3. Create an interaction with 2 actions:

changes style of datagridName, changes style of Row_2

for the first one select entire datagrid, select background but don't change the value

for the 2nd select only Row_2 then, select background and change to your preferred color.

4. Simulate.

BEHAVIOR OK. Every time you click on a row bkg color changes to highlight selection.

5. Create a Dynamic Panel with Vertical or Horizontal Layout.

6. Embed the Datagrid

7. Simulate again.

BUG! The entire datagrid disappears when you click on any row but it looks the data is stilla there because if the list is longer than the dynamic panel high the vertical scrollbar remains.

8. Now change the Dynamic Panel Layout to Free

9. Simulate again.

BEHAVIOR OK. The bug doesn't occur.

One important thing to notice is this only occurs for the inmediate datagrid parent dynamic panel. As long as datagrid inmediate parent dynamic panel has free layout you can embed such dynamic panel in as many others with free, vertical or horizontal layout as you can without the BUG appearing again.

This is weird.

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Thanks so much for reporting the bug in such a detailed way! We've been able to reproduce it and it has been mark in our bug tracking system.


Excellent. Hope it will be fixed soon. When is it gonna be the new release available by the way? (not the issue fix but the next release. I read somewhere in this forum it was comming)


We are in the final phase, testing like crazy, and we hope to launch it in a couple of weeks if we don't find any important bugs.


Fixed in version 5.6