Multitouch gestures on Windows 7

Sanguinik shared this question 6 years ago

I want to use multitouch gestures on a multitouch screen with Windows 7, but it didn't work, when I tried it in different browsers. My example even doesn't work on different actual Android devices. Only on the iPad it worked somehow.

Can you give me a hint, how I have to set up my prototype, to make it work with Windows 7? Or do I need a special browser?

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Our simulation doesn't support gestures on Windows 7 cause it's based in jQuery Mobile. These are the systems supported:


Thank you for your reply!

But there is something, still confusing me.

In your list stands:

"Firefox Desktop 4-15 - Tested on OS X 10.7 and Windows 7" is supported. I tried my protoype with this browser, but it didn't work.

And I saw an entry here, where someone said, he had to do some changes in the browser settings to make it work.

When I try to pinch open per example, the zoom function of my browser activates.

Is there a possibility to deactive this setting, so that I can use it for developing my prototypes?


I suppose you can always edit the exported HTML and make it work somehow. Sorry for the mistake on the list. We use jQuery mobile but not all of it so there can be some platform that aren't supported for us, like Windows 7 for instance.