Multiple Data values in a Text box

dcaspira shared this question 5 years ago


Trying to create a field, that outputs : "Name, @username" on the one line.

Much like twitter does.

Working from this example - it gets all messy with positioning, when you have varying lengths of usernames / names - (as they are pixel positioned) and looking for something more dynamic.

Can you pull Multiple data into the one field, or is there another way around this?


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Unfortunately, you cannot do it. Text box and labels have fixed sizes. You can only fit characters within the size you set. Also, you can only set a single data value to both widgets.

It would be nice to have a widget that can change size depending on the number of characters that it contains. We might include this on the future update.

For now, you can use three labels/text widget. One for name, one for comma and one for username. However, spacing will be a little messy.


Thanks John for the quick reply - Def. put in the hit list. It would be very hand to simply "," a new data output into a text feild


On a second thought, there's a workaround on your issue.

You have to use a variable to store 'Name, @username' and do an On Page Load event to load the variable to a label.

When storing values in the variable, you have to get the value of 'Name' and then use 'concat' function to add the strings ', @' and then 'concat' function again to add the username.


This is tricky and I'm still working on how to do it. I am trying to analyze the rental car example:

If you download that prototype, look at 'Login Box Advanced' master, and click on the label next to 'WELCOME:' you will see how it's done.