Moving 'Justinmind' working folder to other location

bschodts shared this question 7 years ago

The JustinmindPrototyper application is putting a folder 'Justinmind' directly in the User root folder of my Mac. Since I always make use of a separate boot & data disk, I want to move this folder to another location (on my data disk). Can someone explain me how to do this? In other application this is easily done via the Preferences window within the application. Thanks a lot!

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You can but it's a bit tricky. Go to where you placed the application (typically /Applications) and cmd+click on the executable. Then select 'show package contents'. Open the folder Contents/MacOS and you'll find a file named JustinmindPrototyper.ini there. You have to edit it so Prototyper knows where is the new user folder now. Change '@user.home' by the path to the new user folder.