Moving by offset does not work correctly inside of a dynamic panel with scrollbar

Yannik shared this problem 6 years ago

Hey guys,

so I am currently evaluating the Justinmind Prototyper for our HMI department, and so far I think its great.

Now I am trying to create a list-widget, consisting of list entries which are dynamic panels, inside of a dynamic panel with a scroll bar.

I am trying to use the keyboard to select the list entry.

So now the problem:

left and right of the list entries are buttons, that are supposed to move down, when you press the downarrow key. I used the move offset action, and it works, as long as you don't use the scrolling of the outside panel. Once you scroll down, the new position of the buttons seems to be calculated incorrectly (if you push the down arrow key again), maybe it is something in the offset calculation. If you scroll down just a little bit, and the button is supposed to move with a positive y offset it will move upwards instead of downwards. 97f0131fa6c8fd2cfe4f08cda0b917ca

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That's clearly a bug. We are in our way to fix it. There is a clunky workaround that you can do to make it work. The workaround is to take the button out of the dynamic panel, then move it, and then insert the button in the dynamic panel again, all that using events. So the events would be something like this:



Fixed in version 5.1