Move Drag Event and Dynamic Panel

Alicia shared this question 5 years ago


I have a screen (with a image like background) where I appied a Drag event to the widget (Move, With Cursor, both axis) and a Dynamic Panel, with other image like background, in front. First, the panel is hidden and this appear when I press a button.

The problem is: When I move the widget before the panel is displayed, this appear in front of the panel and I want the widget is back.

In the image added I show the situation. The colored circles are the widgets that I moved and the image with the keys and the dark rectangle (with transparency), are the dynamic panel.

What Can I do?


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Hi Alicia,

would you mind sending us your prototype to , please?

We need the vp file to check how it's working.

Best regards.


Did you find a solution to this problem?

When I apply a move in x,y by drag event to an image inside the dynamic panel, the image jumps out in front of the dynamic panel.