"Move by offset" behaves as "Move To Position" for hidden items

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

I have an interaction that simulates clicking "more" to expand a blurb of text to reveal the full text.

Below the expanding text (and, therefore, moved down and back up when it expands or collapses) is a toolbar much like the one at the bottom of this Justinmind's Community textarea. My toolbar has buttons that can reveal custom menus.

Because of the way that dynamic panels crop anything that would extend beyond their boundaries (despite selecting "Always on top"), these "menus" are located at the "root" level of the outline, and carefully positioned so that they *appear* to be part of the toolbar. Thus, it is the responsibility of the "More"/"Less" buttons to reposition the menus so that they follow the movement of the toolbar.

If a menu is visible when the text is expanded/collapsed, it moves down and back up again by the offset specified in the move.

If a menu is hidden when the text is expanded/collapsed, then it is relocated to the absolute coordinates specified by the offset. Thus, the menus end up, in my case, at 0,80 when the text is expanded, and 0,-80 (making them very hard to use!) when the text is collapsed.

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There's another way to push content using the 'layout' property of the dynamic panels: http://www.justinmind.com/support/exp... maybe it helps


That may be true, but the bug remains: moving a hidden element by offset should not move it absolutely.

I used the "Expand and Collapse" content tutorial for other work, but it's unrelated to this problem.

Thank you, and please let the developers know that the hidden element bug remains.


I echo dave's response. I have spent 3 days trying to get this to work, with limited help from Jim.Support before stumbling on this thread. Please fix.