"Mouse ▸ Toggle" interferes with "Mouse ▸ on Mouse Over" (or vice-versa)

Dave shared this idea 3 years ago

I see that there was a post some 5 months ago on the same topic, with a hacky workaround from Victor Conesa, but I'd like to raise this issue again.

My solution is to use the on Mouse Over event to provide hover highlighting for the trigger, and then to use an on Click event with a variable to show/hide a submenu. It's just about as hacky as Victor's solution, but it seems silly to have to hack around this limitation.

Perhaps a better solution would be to either

• Disable "on Mouse Over" when an "on Toggle" event is defined or

• Disable "on Toggle" when an "on Mouse Over" event is defined

That way, folks would know that it's not possible, instead of trying, failing, and having to come up with a workaround.


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the sugestion; Our team is working diligently to increase usability, I've forwarded your suggestion so it can be taken under consideraion for future version updates.