Most efficient way to create iPad prototype

gavinjharris shared this question 5 years ago

I want to create an iPad prototype. Do I have to create the same prototype in landscape and portrait or can I create one prototype and allow Justinmind to automatically adjust elements according to orientation?

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Currently you can use the "onOrientation Portrait" and the "on Orientation Landscape" events to detect when the iPad changes is orientation. You can combine this event with the "Move" and the "Change Style" actions to set the size and the location of each element according to the orientation.

Anyway, we know this isn't the perfect way to prototype this and it could be very tedious and very complicated to define all these interactions if the prototype is a little bit complex. In that case maybe the best way is do what you suggested, and build one prototype in landscape an another one for the portrait mode.

As I said we know this problem and we are currently developing a better and easier way to build a responsive prototype, and probably part of these improvements will be include in our next update.