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ian molesworth shared this question 5 years ago

For more than a year I have been paying a monthly subscription and this is largely due to not examining my accounts closely enough.

In the past year I have not accessed justinmind at all. It is quite obvious that i am not using the service.

It would be nice to have a reminder mail email sent to say that you are taking money for nothing from me so that i could have saved myself nearly $400.

Not impressed.

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Hi Ian,

I think there should have been some kind of misunderstanding. You subscribed to a monthly subscription. A subscription (to any service not only ours) is something that you don't renew explicitly every month. But you have to cancel your subscription if you don't want to use (and be charged) the product anymore.

Furthermore, an email is sent each month with the receipt of that month charge.

All our pricing and subscription information is very well explained in our pricing section, our Terms of Service and FAQ:

Unfortunately, we can't know if you used Justinmind all that year or not. Being Justinmind a desktop application, there is no way to verify if you have used it or not.


It seems as though this is an ongoing problem. I want to cancel my subscription and it is VERY VERY difficult.

IF you can simplify it that would be respectful at the very least!


When I follow the above posted link, I get an error message.

Which by the way, I get on several pages looking for help, cancellation help etc.

I'm beginning to think that is NO SURPRISE.....


Hi Shari,

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription:

1 - Login to your account:

2 - Click "Your Account Settings" option.

3 - Click "Cancel account" in the "Subscription Actions" section.