Master dynamic panels disappear in simulations

Ethan Smith shared this problem 6 years ago

I want to display a grid of identical master items, each of which is a dynamic panel that switches active panels on mouse enter and mouse leave. In theory, this should work out and I understand how to set up the interactions. However, when simulating and exporting for testing in Safari and Firefox I've run into some showstopping problems.

When using no transition effect for the active panel change, there is a noticeable flicker between the two panels on mouseover. When using transition effects there is still a slower delayed flicker between the two panels. In both cases, quick mouse movement out of a panel often results in that entire master element disappearing. I have had the same experience with showing and hiding separate dynamic panels within master instances. Is there something I'm missing?

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We should need to take a look at your prototype or an example of that flickering. Could you send it to at please?