Maintain user-entered values in a multi-step wizard

webmaestro shared this question 4 years ago

I'm building a typical multi-step "wizard" interaction with "Back" and "Next" buttons. I know how to create/set variables and redisplay them elsewhere, but that's not what I need to do here. Basically, I need each page to maintain the values the user enters after they leave the page (advance to later pages in the wizard)... so that if they come "Back" to any page, the values they entered are still there. How would I accomplish this? I'm struggling right now. Each page has some combination of input (text) fields, radio buttons, and dropdowns.

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You could never leave the screen using dynamic panels. That way the information won't be lost.

You can do it so the user thinks the screen is changing but actually using dynamic panels.

The other way to simulate this is store the state of each input in variables when the user clicks next and OnPageLoad load those values from the variables to the inputs. For the radio butttons you can store the number of the element that was selected, and for the dropdowns you can sore the string. Then OnPageLoad you can SetValue on the inputs.