Mac to Windows Font issues

Keith shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

I just sent an email to you guys about this, but I figure it can't hurt to mention it here, as well.

I am developing a prototype on a Macbook Pro (iPhone mock), and I'm using primarily 2 specific fonts (Copperplate and Marker Felt) for testing purposes. However, when we load the prototype in Windows (via your site), the fonts are changed and thus cause some major alignment issues.

My hunch is that the fonts used exist in Mac, but not Windows. Is there any possible fix to this, or are we stuck having to find a font that both ends are equipped with?



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You can’t include fonts other than web safe fonts in your HTML without paying royalties and even some fonts are just illegal to distribute. There are even some services online that rent you fonts for your website like

The other option you have is to turn all your texts into images.