Login Condition Won't Work

Mark Grote shared this problem 6 years ago

I keep making the same condition just as they do in the "Simulate conditions and error messages" Video: http://www.justinmind.com/prototyper/...

I've done it about 15 times.

I tried rebooting the prog.

Tried making a new file.

tried doing it with diff buttons and text inputs.

I'm on Mac Mountain Lion. I've been having issues with conditions in general, often doesn't seem to work at all with diff conditions.

I am using the 30 day trial - which I am intending to buy as soon as I realize I can use the program to its full potential. I'm really excited about this, and I really need this.

Does anyone of an idea of what might be happening or how I can fix it?

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Could you send the prototype to jim.support at justinmind.com please?


I got a login working with just one text input field that must be 'h' in order for the login button to go to the next page.

When I try to do i.e. 2 text fields that each must have the corresponding text entered for it to go to the next page, It won't work.

I can't share the prototype I'm playing with. But if you could send me a file of a 2 text field prototype that requires specific text entry i.e. username: 5 password: Mark ... in order for it to go to the next page when you click a button - that would be amAzing.

I could study it that way and see what I'm doing wrong or if its the software/my mac.

is that possible?

I really like the software. Thx for the feedback!


We have something like this already implemented in this minitutorial http://www.justinmind.com/prototyper/... (the one that says 'all you can do with protoytper')


So Operator Error ;)> lol whoops.

Imagine the ' & ' symbol on the left and a box to input text in to the right (within the condition build window).

If you drop the ' = ' sign in to the right of the ' & '. The ' ( ' appears like so. However if you drop the ' = ' sign farther to the right of the ' & ' , i.e. to the right of the box that is to the right of the ' & ' it then places the ' ) ' like so on the right side yeilding an improper if / then statement for the condition. And of course fails to implement.

I can't believe I never noticed the parenthese change directions.

Sry for wasting the time lol.

Thank you so much again! You have been a great help.


It's ok, the expression builder can be tricky sometimes.