Linking a Select List to a single Data Master field that contains imported data.

Jess shared this question 6 years ago

How do I get a input select list to display values from a single field in a data master that i have imported data into, without wiping out the data? I know there is a category type you can select in a data master to facilitate the linkage to a input select list, but I have a large list (300+) values that I have imported and when I convert the data master field to a category type, it wipes out the imported data.

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Hi Jess,

your description is the direct way to associate a select list with a data master field of type category.

you could instead associate the list with the data master itself, but then you would include all other fields (if there are) as well.

the best solution is to set the value of the list with the following expression:

SELECT(data master, attribute)

This selects from all records of the given data master the values of the given attribute. The function is to be found in the expression builder dialog under Functions -> Collections


Hi Burk

Please could you explain how to use categories and select lists. I have created a sample table with a text field and a category field, when I try to insert records I can type text in but the category field displays an empty select list. I am familiar with MsSql and there is no category datatype available.



I have a drop-down control in which I'd like to display the values of one field on an existing Data Master. I can find no way to associate data master lists (or a column of a multi-column data master, in other words).

I found Functions>-Collections completely by accident after selecting an on-screen component, then selecting Event->Add Event. I don't find it any other way, and see no way to associate a SELECT(data master, attribute) call with any on-screen component.

Even when I drag a data master attribute on screen, I can find no way to actually display the content of the data master, and even if I can accidentally find a way to edit the Value property to exactly match the Value properties of functioning data grids (to some such as [data_master.attribute], it STILL will not display the value, but rather, it displays the literal string '[data_master.attribute]'.

And, if that's not difficult enought, after editing the value of a perfectly functioning data grid, so that it would display a different field from the data master--it now does the same thing--it displays the literal string [master.attribute] rather than the value. The only way I've found to fix this, or to change any other item on screen that is displaying a value from a data master, is to delete it and start over.

Is there a better way?