license issue - nagging about renewing maintenance

petteri.miinalainen shared this problem 5 years ago

I have prototyper pro 5.1 and it keeps nagging about renewing my license. Initially I've purchased pro license without any annual renewal fees.

At some point you changed your policy to yearly subscription and then again offered some perpetual version without any further update costs.

This all has been very confusing. I'm not happy about nagging popup that distracts my work. I have initially paid far more (equivalent to your perpetual license 495€ - minus special discount).

Why should i now pay 99+taxes etc = 130€ /year or pay another 495? Will you change that too? So that my license magically changes (again) to yearly subscription plan?

Very unhappy at the moment.

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Hi Petteri,

The licenses have always worked the same way, a pretty standard way in the software industry actually, and they still are. When you purchase a perpetual license you have one year of free updates/upgrades and support. If you want to have access to the latest releases you have to be under maintenance. This has always been the same and it's still that way.

The difference between a perpetual license and a subscription is that, in the case of the perpetual license, your copy of Prototyper won't stop working even if you don't renew your maintenance. In that case you just need to pay for upgrades, not for keeping your copy running. In the case of a subscription, Prototyper stops working when the subscription is cancelled.

You can disable that message disabling the option 'check for updates automatically' in the Preferences menu option.