Licence usage on Kickstarter

Péter Lénárt shared this question 5 years ago


I've prototyped a browser extension/application about a half year ago for a Stanford / Coursera course as part of an assignment with justinmind Pro/usernote. I used an academic justinmind licence provided for Stanford / Coursera.

Now I'd like to share the idea/prototype of this app on Kickstarter through Usernote and get funds for developing it properly.

Do I need to buy the licence before uploading the prototype to Kickstarter or is it enough if I buy the full licence later when I got the funds for the development and I will start commercial use?

What is the official point of view in this case?

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What you can do is to download the trial version on a different

computer, then open your prototype and publish it in Usernote. Then,

when you have funds for your project, you can buy a license.