Latest Simulated Prototype vs Project Prototype

robert gerson shared this question 5 years ago

I need clarification on the publishing / file updating process.

On the Usernotes Projects Page I have my main project published with 2 reviewers assigned. When I update that project file and then click "View on Device" a new project titled: "Latest Simulated Prototype" is created on the project page.

I would like to have all updates go to the main project so that both myself and reviewers can access the updates from the iPad app icon that has been setup on the iPad screen. Is the only way to do that: Publish>Replace Published Version ?

My reviewers are saying that when I use: Publish>Replace Published Version they get emailed links that work in their desktop browsers and the browser on their iPads, but they are getting a Usernote login request when they try to "Add to Home Screen" in their iPad browser.

I looked for documentation about this. Is their documentation you can direct me to for this?

Thanks, robert

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When you log in to your Usernote account, click the 'Help' link. It has most (if not all) the documentation on Usernote.

I did some research on how the Latest Simulated Prototype works and here is what I found out. The Latest simulated prototype is updated when you use the 'View on smartphone/tablet' option. However, you can only view one prototype at a time.