Label widget's width and height problem.

jedt3d shared this problem 7 years ago

How can I restore the default width and height of Label? See this steps..

1. Add new Label ("Label", Arial, 10), W & H at default size

2. Change to ("Just in mind", Times, 36), W & H grow larger...

3. Change to font size "24", W & H still the same size as font size 36.

I think it'd be shrink to the default W & H of font size 24 when I decrease font size.

Is it possible to restore the default size of a label?

Something like change the words inside label will remain the width of the label, such as.

Label with word "Just in mind software" to "JIM", but the Label width still the same.

Should not be like this, please consider change it.

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Yes, you are right.. Labels change its width and height depending on its content. So what you can do is to set the width and height once you have finished editing its content. I understand it could be uncomfortable since it is not always the order one may work with. We will consider changing it in a future update. Sorry for the inconvenience.