Label "sizing" and "positioning" on screens and various widgets

Sandra Kotes shared this problem 5 years ago

Bernat just sent me a reply to a "problem" with my centering text on buttons, but today I am going nuts. I am spending so much time trying to figure out spacing and positioning, it is becoming counterproductive. Is it something I am doing? Or is it 5.5. I have had zero problems before upgrading to 5.5.

Will you look at the attached images to see if you can tell me how to correct what I am seeing versus what actually displays?

Is it my imagination (or am I splitting hairs here)? Could it be my display (I am running Windows Home Premium on a Windows 7 computer. Monitor is about 23")? Is there a problem with 5.5?

I appreciate any investigation you can do. If you need more information, let me know. Thanks.


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Hello Sandra,

Have you recently changed the default windows fonts size? Prototyper is not compatible with bigger font sizes yet and it could lead to these kind of differences.


While, I have not made any changes to Windows. I will check to be sure that my display font size is 100%. See attached: Is this the setting to which you are referring...?


Note - 1: The problem is inconsistent. Text labels or button labels created using an earlier version of J.I.M. seem to render okay most times. However, sometimes I have to fight with the program.

Note - 2: My problem occurs always when I create a new button or label.

Note - 3: Visual spacing differences between prototype page and simulation or Usernote is a problem regardless of the version used to create the screen.