Keyboard widget not working when simulating ios app prototype

Tim Ingvorsen shared this question 6 years ago

I have downloaded the iOS6 widget library.

When previewing it on the website, it works fine.

When importing the widget library downloaded from the website, i can drag and drop in the keyboard widget as supposed.

But i cannot simulate the app with the widget's keys being 'pressed' as i hit it with my mouse.

Am i misunderstanding the widget functionality, or just simulating it in the wrong environment(desktop vs. mobile browser) ?

I have tried reading the online Justinmind Prototyper Help section only making me believe the widget might not be behaving as it should, ie. is static!

Regards Tim

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I'm sorry but the keyboard widget on the preview no longer exists, it's from a previous version of the library but we were forced to remove it because it's built with too many interactions and in some prototypes that used this widget the response to user interactions was too slow.


Oh. Ok. That is for the best then.

Thx for the update:)