Justinmind Pro (4.5.0) Fails to Load in Windows 7 x64

Jordan Hogan shared this problem 6 years ago

Justinmind Pro (4.5.0) fails to load in Windows 7 x64. No errors are reported in the application log file or in the Windows event logs. The splash screen is displayed and then the application just exists without showing an error dialog. Justinmind 4.4.1 loaded without any issues on the same machine.

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Could you try to download the installer again and install it please? If that doesn't work please try this:

Open this folder:

Windows XP: c:documents and settingsall users.license

Windows 7: c:ProgramData.license

Mac: /etc/JustinmindPrototyper/.license

Remove all the files you find there. Then launch the 4.5 version.


I did try downloading the installer again which did not help.

Removing all of the data from c:ProgramData.license seems to have done the trick. Thanks!


We were able to install Prototyper, but the main program will not run. We are using Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.

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