Justinmind not responding to my inquiry about Prototyper Pro licensing. Posting here as a last resort.

Joseph T shared this question 5 years ago

I've emailed Justinmind (3) times now regarding a licensing issue that I'm having.

I purchased a full license of Prototyper Pro less than a year ago.

Now I'd like for one of my co-workers to use the software instead so I've unlicensed it. I'm now being asked to pay a maintenance fee to use the new version. I have a PC and my co worker has a Mac. I don't want to pay $120.00 or so for a maintenance fee. I paid for this software and now I'm being forced to pay for it again in less than a year? This is really disappointing. Can you provide me a link to download the version I paid for last year for the Mac so that I'm not forced to pay an update fee? I shouldn't have to pay a dime more. The fact that you haven't responded which indicates an unwillingness to work with me really makes me want seek out a competitor. Is this how you treat your loyal customers?


Joe & Martin

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The people at sales tell me they have already sent you several emails but you didn't anwer back. There should be some spam filter or firewall in your email server blocking our emails. Could you please check your spam filter in your email server please?


OK lets use a different reply email. Contact Joe T at calactyte@gmail.com


Unfortunately you purchased your licenses more than a year ago.

Licenses include minor and major version updates for 1 year. If you want to get new versions after the first year, the maintenance needs to be renewed each year (but it's completely optional).

Our pricing model is transparent and well explained in our website: http://www.justinmind.com/prototyper/...

Hope this clarify your doubts.