Justinmind 5.6.1 is SOO SLOW

Godslove Chinekwe shared this problem 4 years ago

Just in mind is proving to be so slow for me ...am working on a prototype which is just about 600kb.....the pages contains a list of text and images ...but justinmind is slow to respond when i want to edit the text...so much so that i have had to start designing the pages in illustrator and just importing the jpegs to justinmind for prototyping as a mobile app.Hopefully that would make my work flow faster.

i have tried the tip about increasing the memory from 512 to xmal1024 m...but it is still sluggish....so much so that using illustrator and photoshop was like a relief when compares to the sluggishness of justinmind when i want to edit a text

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try to hide some images of the canvas, if you don't need to see them. If you have a good machine, you can try to increase the memory to 2048, but you need to have 8GB or more.

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