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Anders Paulcén shared this problem 4 years ago

JIT 6.0 has a new nice GUI but it also has performance troubles. Drag an object to a screen to make a link now take up to 5 sec. It takes 3 sec before the progress pointer show and you start to doubt if your really linked or not.

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I'm sure this tool would be nice, if it would load!!!!!! Seriously, I updated and I get the following message

Error: unexpected Error: null

I'm on a Macbook Air with 4G memory using OSX 10.9.3

You guys are killing me.



We are working on an update that fixes some performance issues that we have detected. Would you mind to try a beta version of that update and check if it solves the performance issues you're having please? Make sure you create backup copies of your prototypes before editing them with this beta version, just in case.





Thanks in advance


Hi I tried the Beta and it still takes 10 sec to drag an image to a screen to make a link. I also discovered more problems:

Duplicate screen takes 8 seconds. JIM places the new screen at the end of the list. You can’t drag the screen to the top of the list without manually scroll up with help of the slider on the side. Before you hold the screen you want to move at the top and the list of screens and JIM scrolls automatically.

You can’t click on the screen list expand tree as before. Jim 6.0 opens the screen you only would like to expand the tree from. This means you soon have numerous of screens open. Expand and collapse should never open a screen. Click on the screen name = open screen.

You cant just move a screen within the list of screens without JIM opens it for editing. This consumes alot of time as I need to clean up the GUI constantly.

If you decide to move an object a new nice function show med the X and Y position during the movement of the object. The problem is that now I can’t see anything and makes it impossible to align. This box should be possible to easily turn on and off.

Align buttons has been compacted and hidden on a dropdown make my work twice as time consuming as I need two extra clicks to make this operation.

If you copy and paste something the delete button doesn’t work. You have to click on something else and do the delete all over.

Click on a picture and the menu that holds the function Crop is gone? I can’t find it anymore. Where is it?

If you place an object on top of a design the objects hidden on layers behind with events will are still visible and also accepts to be edited?

I do not mind helping you to Beta but honestly this product can't have been tested before you sent it to public.

(Is it possible to downgrade as the situation means alot of extra work for me?)



Hi Anders,

Thanks for testing the installer. Would it be possible to take a look at your prototype and run some tests? If so, please send it to jim.support at justinmind.com

Some of the other bugs you reported are already fixed for this next update and we'll try to fix the rest as well. Anyway, you can download the older version from here http://www.justinmind.com/download-ol... but you won't be able to open any prototypes saved with 6.0 versions.

Thanks for your help


Just found these posts by searching for known perfomance issues. I love justinmind, but I'm not a 100% happy with the performance.

If there is again a beta version with updated performance, I would be interested in testing it.

thanks for your feedback!:)


Hi Michel,

The performance improvements that beta version refers were introduced on the 6.3.0 release:


If you still have serious performance problems, please give us some more details about the operations that you find that have a slow response time.

If you noticed that the problem is related with a certain prototype, please send it to jim.support[at]justinmind.com and we will be glad to take a look at it.