Issue with select list

Zeke Zicherman shared this problem 6 years ago

I have a data master in a data grid. Edit button in the row brings you to a second screen that contains the details for that row. I have a Selection List that is linked to a category for its set of choices. I capture the page load event to select the appropriate value in the choices based upon the row that was selected in the data grid. This works.

An OK push button on this screen, on click event will update the data master from the selected value in this selection list. This works.

Here is the scenario that doesn't.

Let my category be color, with choices of Red, White, Blue.

My row in the data grid has the color Red assigned.

Click to edit, Selection List shows Red as the selection.

I don't change it.

I click OK,

My data grid now shows no color as selected.

I have reproduced this in a simple prototype as well.

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Weird, could you send the prototype to at please?