Is there a way to make the buttons on an image immovable when the image is scrollable?

Anu Varma shared this question 5 years ago


In my prototype for iPhone5, I have added an images to a dynamic panel and on each of these images, I have placed buttons to zoom in/out the image. Since the image is scrollable, the buttons also move, i.e., they are out of view as the image is scrolled from right to left... However, I want that the buttons should stay at the same place even when the image moves from right to left and vice versa, i.e., they shouldn't behave as a part of the image. Please suggest if this is possible and if so, how can I do it?

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Hi Anu,

You can try the following:

1. Over the image dynamic panel, insert another dynamic panel with the zoom buttons.

2. Now, you have to set up the zoom buttons and the image dynamic panel.

If you need more help, please, write us to and send your prototype.


Hi Albert

Sorry for the delayed response! Actually, I could set the buttons on another panel over the dynamic panel which has the image. However, I now have 6 layers of panels inside the dynamic panel with three of them having the images and rest three have the zoom in/out buttons. But the problem is the button events don't change with the panel, e.g., if I set the active panel as Panel 4 for the (zoom in) button on Panel 1, I can't set the active panel as Panel 6 for the same button on Panel 3. Could you pls suggest a solution for this?


HI Anu,

Send me your prototype to and I will try to find the best solution for your case.

Best regards.