Is there a way to globally change the style of certain item types (not widgets)?

andrew shared this question 5 years ago

We have a quite large prototype, and have been changing some small design details like fonts on the call to action buttons. Obviously, picking through every page to find the specific button to be changed is time consuming.

Changing the template style doesn't work because on any given page there may be more than one button widget, and we only want to change the call to action button.

Using a master doesn't work because the buttons do not all have the same text.

The ideal situation would be to set a property on each widget so that the widget is identified as a "Call To Action" or "Detail Text" then provide a way to change properties for all objects of that type. Is this possible in the current (5.6) version?

If it is not possible, I would recommend it be added to to future versions as it would dramatically increase the the long term usability of the prototype...