Is there a way to allow components to extend beyond the boundaries of a Dynamic Panel?

Dave shared this question 4 years ago

I have created a dynamic panel that contains an icon that triggers a menu. The icon appears in a "toolbar" at the bottom of a mocked-up content item for a kind of content management system. The menu pops up below the icon, extending outside the toolbar and (ideally) over the following content items — you know, the way menus do.

Unfortunately for me, the following content items are on _top_ of the first content item, so the menu hides beneath them, instead of floating over them.

I have tried setting "Always on top" (or whatever it's called: I can't check right now because Justinmind crashed when I brought it to the front to check), but that doesn't help. I suspect it makes sure that it's "Always on top" of everything within that dynamic panel, which doesn't help me.

I tried re-ordering the dynamic panels in the outline, but that just reverses the order of the items in the mocked-up list of content items.

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Maybe a solution could be to place the 'sub menus' out of the dynamic panel. Would that be an option in your case?


Thanks, Victor: for the time being, that's what I did.

Unfortunately, it means a lot more fiddly work: any actions that change the position of the icons that reveal those menus have to move the menus accordingly. Also, if I duplicate the "content item" to simulate a full page, I have to separately duplicate the menus for each, which gets messy.

I filed an enhancement a little while ago requesting a new Action option to move a component relative to another component. That is, If I click Icon "A", one of its actions would be to move group "B" to a position relative to Icon "A" prior to being shown. That way, I could have just one menu, which could move wherever it is needed on the screen in response to an event.

Anyway, thanks. I'll keep banging away at it.