Is it possible to tie a prototype to a 'real' data source, for instance SQL Tables or CSV file?

Doug Coombs shared this question 4 years ago

I am looking for a design tool for a set of applications that are primarily used to view and manipulate data. It would be very helpful if I could tie various designs to data sources to simulate actual functionality - is this supported by Just in mind? I am not talking about just importing from a database, but actually manipulating the fields so that, for instance, one screen of my prototype will impact the data in another screen directly from the data source.

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With Justinmind you can import real data (this is how) and the modified data will be consistent throughout the simulation. But when you start over the simulation the data will be like when you imported it from the .cvs file.

One screen of your prototype will impact the data in the next screen; but not from the source. The file from where you imported the data will not be modified by simulating your prototype.

I hope this helps you.




Thank you Marc, this answers my question.