Is it possible to open a 'product details' popup of a data master?

Hans de Keijzer shared this question 5 years ago

Hi all,

so far in the existing posts I have found a related post "is it possible to simulate dynamic row details for data grid? " of one year ago, where the answer was that at that time it was not possible to do automatically.

Let me describe my problem:

I'm creating a shopping list prototype: based on an input recipe, the datamaster can bring up a variety of item lists (some recipes have 13 ingredients, others 4)

In each case I want to click on any of the products in the list, opening a pop-up with a description of the item and possible alternatives.

How can I create this? I've gone through your data grid tutorials extensively but can't find it

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Hello Victor,

thanks for the quick reply. I already had a look at both, but can't figure out how my list should work.

First of all, I don't think I'm using a data grid:

I'm showing a list of items:

Qty; Name; Where; Price

2; pasta; shop1; 2.35

4; tomatoes; shop1; 0.50


Now, when clicking on any product name, I need a popup to open with a full description (included on the item row in my data master)

I've tried going through the data grid instruction, but to me this seems like a fixed table? It contains 7 items. Not more, not less, am I right? My list will have a flexible amount of products. Will that work too?

Do I need to include all of my products as separate pages?

Here's my prototype so far:

Just so we understand each other: you'll see that when clicking a product, a (now empty) pop-up opens. How can I fill this with the item name and description?


You can do it using set value actions. This is an example of how to use the set value action

This one also could be helpful


Hi Victor, thanks again for your help. When going through the 'Add rows using just one screen' instruction I found what I needed to make the popup work using a variable.

My problem that I have now, is that in the popup I'm offering 2 alternative products on the selected item. Even though the data master action (modify record) on both buttons is 'on click', it still affects the original filtering of my list (on page load). Is there a way how I can prevent the original filter to be affected?

And a different problem: when I simulate my prototype on my Mac, it works just fine. But when I publish it to usernote, it's empty. The page structure is shown but all pages are empty. I've tried uploading the prototype in many different ways (from prototyper using publish, and using share, directly through usernote) but nothing works. Any suggestions what could be the problem?

Many thanks in advance!