Is it correct I have only 20mb space for my usernote??

koesig shared this question 8 years ago

Hi, I've been using Justinmind prototyper trial ver, and usernote service to make a decision whether adapting your product to our company or not. I was so impressed for your great and neat software but was so surprise for noticing that there are only 20MB capacity on my usernote account. Is it just because your service is in beta period or you are giving more space for registered(paid) user?? plz answer,, it's very important thing 'cause our first guideline for selecting product is good collaborating service.. thank you. I'll wait for your answer..

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The current beta accounts are limited to 20mb but when there will be more space available for the paid users, of course. Another way to have more space will be to purchase an entire Justinmind Usernote and install it in your company, then you don't have any kind of restriction about prototypes or disk space.


So a couple of questions on this....

1. When is it out of beta?

2. I have a license for Prototyper does this mean I'll get more space and projects on the the Usernote tool?

3. You mentioned purchasing it and installing it? Is it not available because of beta? I don't see anything to download on the JIM site

4. Any idea what the pricing models will be for this?

I really like these tools but my needs are quickly growing so wondering where you guys are on this.



1. Sometime in the next three months.

2. Yes and there will be plans to have even more space and prototypes

3. It's recommended for big companies only buy you can ask for more information to jim dot sales at justinmind dot com

4. Subscription plans (cheap)

Anyway, if you need more space or prototypes while it's still in beta just tell me.