Is there an easy way to Render a screen in a Dynamic Panel?

Wim shared this question 4 years ago

Am about a week into using JustinMind and have created an off-canvas side panel that can slide into focus when the user clicks the Hamburger Icon. (Three dashes that are fairly prevalent nowadays) I've created one screen with 3 panels: 1. navbar collapsed (full screen), 2. NavBar panel when showing 3. Main Content next to navbar showing.

Next Step is to generate the sub-screens that can be generated in this construct. Is there a way to link a panel to a screen to have the screen content come up in the panel?

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There are two possible solutions that come to my mind:

1. Create a new Dynamic panel and put the content of each sub-screen on a different panel.

2. Use Masters. Put each sub-screen content on its corresponding master, and then drag all the masters to your screen. You can find more information about Masters in this link:



Thank you for your reply. I think option 2 would make more sense for my team, but I might have gone a little bit too far down the wrong road. More specifically, I have define my slide drawer as a master which makes it close to impossible for me to maintain the master link after I drag it onto my content. So I am thinking of the following re-work:

1. Define a template that will hold my slider functions and links to be re-used through all my pages.

2. Define a master for each sub-page that then will use the template to follow the links.

Is there any way I could share my current prototype with you guys to have you comment on the direction I am currently going?


Yes, please send it to