Is it possible to batch relink images?

Kade Schemahorn shared this question 4 years ago

If so, how?!?! If not...

Justinmind does a great job of automatically updating linked images when they have been edited outside of Justinmind. However, the links seem to be pretty fragile. When links are broken, Justinmind also does a great job of keeping copies of the images so you're prototype doesn't break. At this point, it would be great to allow you to simply point Justinmind to the latest location of your images, which is often a single directory or a directory with subdirectories. It could link back up what it can find and leave the rest of the links broken. That way you could show Justinmind multiple locations in succession, relinking anything available along the way.

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Hello Kade,

Unfortunately, JustInMind does not currently offer this capability. However, we are always grateful for user feedback and will be sure to keep this suggestion in mind.