iPhone 6 screen size problem after updating to version 6.4

Meng Zhao shared this problem 3 years ago

Hey guys, I used to prototype for iPhone 6 using version 6.3.0 or 6.2.9 (can't remember). In that version iPhone 6's screen size was not pre-set, so I drew one myself by using the real iphone 6 size (319*567). All of my work was done based on this size, and the prototype worked perfectly on my test phone.

However, I updated the software to version 6.4 (where iPhone 6 device was pre-included) days ago and found the pre-set iphone 6 screen is sized as 375*667, and all my screens designed in previous version shrank like below:


and here is how it looked before updating to version 6.4:

Is anyone facing the same problem? and any solution?

And here is my email address if any of you prefers email messaging: bbg227@gmail.com

Thank you very much


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Hello Meng,

The resolution of the iPhone 6 (375 x 667) is sized to reflect the needs of simulating and testing on a non-retina device by default. The actual device resolution for iPhone 6 is 1334 by 750, which is twice as large. This is simply because Justinmind now supports Retina display when the scale property is used at 50 percent. You may find the following Justinmind's Community post useful in understanding this: