Interactions - need an event to fire on Dynamic Panel status change

Meirion Williams shared this idea 6 years ago

Hi, I've hit a block with interactions with Justinmind. I'm trying to do some medium-complexity interactions. Tabs and sliding panels that are triggered from multiple places. Eg I want to slide a particular panel by either tapping a button, or by a slide event on another button, or some other event. Either way I don't want to duplicate the sliding and transition events on to each item that triggers it.

I'm coming from Axure, where an event can be triggered when a dynamic panel changes.

This can be used to reduce a lot of duplication of interactions on buttons and tabs, almost like defining functions. example:

Set up a new dummy dyanamic panel with 2 states: stopped (default) and run

On the run state set up a trigger event for 'panel state change to: run'

And then set up a bunch of actions that you want to be able to trigger. Make the final action 'panel state change to: stopped'

Now I can trigger this psuedo function from anywhere in my prototype by changing the state of that dummy panel.

How can this be done in Justinmind? I can only see user-triggered events for my interactions.


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I'm afraid you need to copy/paste all the events on any place you want to trigger them (using the paste events broom tool is really useful for this). But I agree completely that having a way to trigger events on elements could be really useful. Thanks for the suggestion!

Can I make you a question? Why are you trying to move from Axure to Justinmind?


Victor, was there any progress on this suggestion?

I created a work-around in Justinmind using 'onFocus' and set Focus on a radio button group, but it still has a few issues. See here:

Having an 'on Panel Change' event would still be the most useful!