Interaction > Move: relative to mouse click or position of clicked component?

Dave shared this idea 4 years ago

I have a scrolling element within a page that contains a mockup of a social media post that has number of custom tooltips and menus. There will eventually be a number of such posts in the scrolling area.

Unfortunately, the menus and tooltips are trapped inside the scrolling area, so they're clipped off within its bounding rectangle. This looks pretty lame. In addition, with each additional post in the scrolling area, the complexity of the mockup will grow dramatically. That's pretty inefficient.

In the real implementation, there wouldn't be a separate tooltip for each item in each post, but a single tooltip element to be positioned where it is needed and populated with content before being shown. It would be created near the bottom of the page so that it appears "above" any other element in the page.

I would like to be able to emulate this good behavior in Justinmind: create a single "tooltip" item that can be positioned and have its content updated as needed. To do so would require some new options to the "Move" action. One would be "relative to the mouse position or click". Another would be relative to the location (taking scrolling into account) of the component that triggered the interaction.

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Hi Dave,

These are nice features to have in Justinmind.

Again thanks for your dedication in giving us feedback.

As usual, this will be forwarded to the development team and you will be notified when it is implemented.




Done in version 6.4


Thanks, Victor. It is going to open up a lot of possibilities!