Integrate Download Folder Structure

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I want to have a folder structure (Tree) of available documents.

In front of these documents should be a checkbox.

If I select different files from the list and click on download, these files should show up in another screen.

How can I manage to do that?

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Here you have an example:

If you want to do something like this, you have to do the following:

1. Drag a checkbox, a label and a button. Rename the label.

2. Select the button and create an "on click" event. Then, click on "Add a condition" and drag the checkbox into the empty box and click ok.

3. Select the "link to" and choose "external address" option. Paste the url of the file and click ok.

4. Group them and duplicate as many times as you need.

I hope it helps you. Best regards.


Hey Albert,

thank you for your quick response.

I want to select from a tree with different folders and files to download all files at ones


- Folder

- file a

- file b

- File c

In this case there should just be 3 check boxes for the files. If I select "file a" and "file c" and click on one button "download files" a screen with "downloading file a and file c" should appear.

Question 1: how can I get there?

Question 2: how can I manage to have placeholder pdfs instead of "file a" in there?

thank you for your help



you can't do it if you want to download existing files simultaneously, but you can simulate it like this example

In this example you don't download any file. To do it, you have to create a custom pop up with the conditional checkbox that we have done in the previous answer.

Here you have the tutorial:

About the tree folder, it's similar to this tutorial:

I hope it helps you.


Hey again,

oh my god, I feel so dumb right now.

I ́m really sorry to bother you with stupid questions, but I ́m just starting.

So I got the easiest part, the pop up window, but I still need to submit the text downloading files.

Regarding the accordion dynamic panel. I want to open and close a folder and also have two folders open at the same time.

You example is exactly what I need, just don ́t know, how to get there.

The accordion structure is many levels deep to just display one "folder". I this also necessary?

:( I ́m lost


Nevermind I finally got it *so happy* :)