Installing Justinmind on more than one machine

Zia Partovi shared this problem 5 years ago

I am a consultant and in addition to having a desktop and a laptop I also work on my client's machine when the client requires. Unfortunately Justinmind can be installed on one machine only. Considering that the licensee is the only user of all these machines, it would be a lot more efficient if Justinmind could be installed on more than one machine. For now, I can use Justinmind only on my Desktop and I cannot use it for projects that I am required to work on my clients' machines.

It is crucial to be able to make Justinmind available on several machine. Please remove this limitation so that users like me can have freedom to use Justinmind on any machine as long as the licensee is the only user of these machines.

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You can actually move your key from one computer to another.

Please follow the steps on this page,


This is an excerpt from the pricing page in

How many computers can I install my Prototyper Pro on?

Every named user, with both a desktop and a secondary laptop/home computer, can legally install and use Prototyper on both computers.