Installation error on Macintosh

Cynthia Kirkeby shared this problem 5 years ago

Your program is telling me it can't start because it can't configure... that the configuration spot it is trying to write to isn't writeable. I haven't changed anything in its installation, nor do I have any unusual customizations to my Mac computer. I don't change things on my laptop command line, nor should I have to for a basic installation of your software. Something is wrong with your installer.

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Hi Cynthia,

Create a new file with a text editor and paste the following code:










Then, save it as "PrototyperPro.ini".

Now, what you have to do is cmd+click on Prototyper Pro application and select 'Show package contents' Then open this folder: /Contents/MacOS/ and there replace the Prototyper Pro.ini file for the new one that you have created.